Join the Newberry Theater Foundation

Help Make History Come Alive Again

The Newberry Theater Foundation (NTF) was founded to restore and operate the historic Newberry Theater. The NTF will bring the finest live talent to the area, and will delight, enrich, entertain and challenge our audiences.

The NTF has launched a $2M capital campaign to finance the restoration and initial operations. Bringing historic buildings up to modern building code is a costly proposition. Restoring historic theaters is even more expensive due to their unique architectural elements and aesthetic requirements.

Please join us in restoring this beautiful and historic rural American treasure. The first stage of the restoration process is to complete the historic registration filing process, which includes the submission of the restoration plan. We have selected Jeff Wray Architects of Dayton to lead this critical effort. Jeff Wray has extensive experience in historic building restoration and is the lead architect for the historic Fort Piqua Hotel restoration effort.

The Show Can’t Go On Without You

Our Phase I fundraising goal is $75,000, which will cover the costs of getting listed on the National Historic Registry, as well as provide funds for a new roof to ensure that the theater remains dry and usable for generations to come. The NTF is a non-profit organization pursuing 501(c)(3) status to allow patrons & sponsoring companies to fully deduct their charitable contributions.